Cavalier King Charles Puppies & Breeder Referral

Finding A Puppy

Our Club provides this list to help potential Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy buyers locate a breeder in their area, to help breeders find wonderful homes for their Cavalier King Charles puppies, to educate new Cavalier owners about the breed, and to inform them about our local Cavalier breed club in Houston.

While all of these breeders are members of our club, the club does not guarantee that all of them will meet your personal standards. Therefore you must take the responsibility to do your own research.

Our club has an extensive Code of Ethics, which applies 100% in this Breeder Referral Program. Please read the Code of Ethics page as it has a definite impact on what is expected from the breeders that participate in the Breeder Referral Program.

The following are additional guidelines for the Breeder Referral Program:

a.) All Cavaliers, adults and puppies, are to be kept in clean and sanitary conditions with proper home care.

b.) An OFA "clear" heart certificate on the mother and father of the litter must be provided to new pet buyers. These should be renewed every year. However, if the sire of the litter is over the age of 5, a normal heart certificate may be provided only through the age of 5.

c.) An OFA eye certificate from the Canine Animal Eye Registry (CAER) on the mother and father of the litter must be provided to new pet buyers. These should be renewed every year.

d.) All puppies must be registered with the American Kennel Club.

e.) Puppies are not allowed to leave before the age of eight weeks and are to be accompanied by the following when they go to their new homes:

1.) Written sale agreement;

2.) Feeding instructions;

3.) Shot and worming records;

4.) Current Certificate of Health signed by a Veterinarian;

5.) Pedigree showing at least three generations;

6.) OFA "clear" heart certificates on the mother and the father;

7.) Companion Animal Eye Registry (CAER) certificates on mother and father; and

8.) CKCSC of Greater Houston Membership Application form.

Any complaints received by the board of directors will be taken very seriously. Complaints will be referred to the Board of Directors for review and recommendation. If the issue is not properly resolved, the offending breeder will be dropped from the program.


2019 Breeder Referral List

Pat Franklin

Houston, TX
Albion Cavaliers
Puppies & Adults
Ruby, Black&Tan, Blenheim
(281) 580-3282

Janet Gambrell

Cypress, TX
Sonesta Cavaliers
Blenheim & Tri Color
(832) 364-0233

Dana Moore

Katy, TX
Epernay Cavaliers
Blenheim & Tri Color
(281) 395-1411

Mickie Newton

Richmond, TX
Tommijohn Cavaliers
Blenheim & Tri Color
(832) 222-2965

Dorothy Swanson

Houston, TX
Meadowlake Cavaliers
Blenheim, Ruby, Black&Tan, Tri Color
(281) 398-9907

Kara Valera

 Houston, TX

Valera Cavaliers
Adults & Puppies
Blenheim & Tri Color