Our club believes that we, as Cavalier lovers, should do everything we possibly can to help any Cavalier King Charles Spaniel in need of rescue or re-homing. 

Of course, there are the obvious cases where rescue is required to protect the dog, but many times it's a case of the owner no longer being able to care for the dog for health reasons or just lack of time.

If you live in the Greater Houston area and know of a Cavalier in need of being rescued or rehomed for any reason, please contact Julie Fitzpatrick at her email address or phone her at 832-265-7426.

Other contacts for general rescue inquiries can also be directed to the ACKCS Rescue Trust The Trust is a full-service, all volunteer, rescue group. Visit their website at They are always in need of volunteers. Please consider volunteering! Click here to fill out the volunteer application.

The Trust website also has a list of Cavaliers that are available for adoption and opportunities to donate or purchase wonderful rescue-themed items in the online store, with proceeds going to help support the efforts of the Rescue Trust. If you are interested in adopting a Cavalier, visit the Trust's website or submit an Adoption Application.